Hart’s Bakery (Bristol)

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You know all the memes, videos and jokes about parents and how annoyingly early they want you to get to the airport before your plane’s meant to take off? Well.. I’m the parent and I’m ridiculously early. But since I have spare two or three hours I thought I might just be productive for once and finally finish article I’ve been writing for couple of weeks now. Hart’s Bakery (instagram) is located right next to Bristol’s largest train station – Temple Meads. If you want to double check if it actually is the largest train station, don’t even bother.. I didn’t check and I don’t want things to get awkward.. thanks. Anyway, we’re here to talk about pastries and coffee, not about my really bad ‘I don’t have to double check any information before I publish it online’ kind of attitude.

Hart’s Bakery has been on my list for quite a while – for more than a year to be more precise and the only reason I have never made it there was simply the location. Amazing for people travelling from Temple Meads, amazing for people working in surrounding buildings, amazing for people living near the centre of Bristol, incredibly inconvenient for me – someone living in Fishponds and then Filton. Both starting with the letter F and both freaking far friends.

But one day I felt like going somewhere new and mainly somewhere far (sounds more like if I was planning trip to Bali like every other influencer – not that I am one) so the Hart’s was just the perfect place. As someone who likes working in coffee places mainly for the rush and hustle that’s going on in there, it was just the perfect spot. I don’t know if it was just because it was Friday, but most of the time I spent there, the place was packed. Never-ending queue, no empty chairs, people buying bread, people buying cakes, Friday’s special, coffee.. I loved it. But I understand it’s not for everyone, so if you’re looking for a quiet place to study, maybe consider a different location.

I ended up staying there for around 4 hours as I needed to work on an article and really really didn’t want to be anywhere near my house (long and boring story for next time). From what I observed, it’s not really a place where one would spend more than an hour. People meet other people to have a quick catch up, travellers enjoy a warm cup of coffee and freshly baked pastries before they head somewhere else and working people just grab their lunch and go back to their offices. Every now and then, there’s probably one weirdo, taking pictures of everything, “observing” and pretending to be a blogger. The person’s probably a bit cold, because it’s quite open space and as they’re baking all day the door’s always opened meaning it can get a bit chilly in there. On the other hand, I can’t imagine how hot it would get inside, if the door was actually closed. Maybe I would make it to Bali in the end.

Now let’s talk about the food and drinks. If you think that bakery next to train station must definitely serve disgusting coffee, you’re wrong. The coffee’s actually good. Coffee Beans they’re using are supplied by Extract Coffee Roasters (roasted in Bristol) and.. and.. and.. they do have Oatly (they also have soy, but who cares about that). Just thought I might just put it out there. And now to the food. The first time I went there I was too late for morning pastries as they sell out quite quick, so I went for a veggie pasty filled with cauliflower instead and I must say I really enjoyed it. Watch me.. went to Cornwall once and now I’m an expert on pasties (she says and still doesn’t know how to correctly pronounce pasty, whatever). I also had a chance to try one of the cookies as my friend happened to be buying coffee for his train journey there and the moment he saw my desperate face, he probably though I could’ve done with a cookie. He wasn’t wrong. Bless him. Not that the information is any relevant for this article, but I found it cute so..

But because I was really gutted I didn’t have a chance to try their cinnamon buns, I had to come back.. way to many times. I was lucky enough to be working couple of morning shifts (lucky? since when is getting up at 5 a blessing?!) just near the bakery so I thought why not kill two birds with one stone and got myself a cheeky breakfast before the start of my shift. Let me just say that their cinnamon buns are the best cinnamon pastry I’ve ever had. So flaky, so full of flavour, so good. Definitely worth the way.

I also managed to visit their Spring Market where I not only bought myself a new plant #crazyplantlady but also their Super Seed bread, because is there anything better than a bread with butter and salt? No, there is not.. apart from the cinnamon buns. This is how I imagined what adulthood would be like. Just going to markets, bakeries, buying fresh veg and bread, having loads of plants.. just forgot you need money for all that, well.. never mind, at least every now and then haha.

Anyway, I have a flight to catch.. only joking, I still have one hour to kill. But I need to end this article anyway as I’m getting hungry and I’m not willing to spend more money on the airport. Have a lovely day!


Over thinking


It’s been a while since I wrote any kind of article. I don’t know why, but every time I start writing, I feel like I have nothing to write about, close my laptop and watch another episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine (moment of honesty – I had to double check how to spell Brooklyn). Any 99 fans? (I hope 99 is not some weird sexual fetish).

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been dealing with some personal stuff that were quite serious, but the more I was explaining what was happening to others, the more ridiculous I felt. Do you know the feeling when you’re down because of something that feels like a disaster and probably is a disaster, but as soon as you start talking about it with someone even your closest friend, you feel like you’re acting like a baby? Every. Single. Time.

I know that a lot of times, I actually am acting like five years old, but this time, I knew the situation was serious, but yet I was still convincing myself I was over reacting. Isn’t that ridiculous? Every time when I feel down I think, there are people who’re going through much worse stuff so I should stop feeling down, but we all have every right feel sad even if the reason seems stupid in comparison with whatever’s going on in lives of others. We, for once, should stop comparing our problems to problems of other people. Yes, there are worse things happening, yes, we should be positive and enjoy our lives as much as we can, but at the same time, we should stop being mad at ourselves for being sad or vulnerable every now and then.

Every time I had conversation with someone about people with mental health problems or victims of domestic violence, all I was asking was “why don’t they seek help?” Thinking of it now, maybe it’s just because in their heads, they’re thinking that in comparison with other people, they’re actually fine, they’re just being childish, and they’re just over reacting. So when do we know the line’s been crossed and we should start talking about our problems?

I often get people telling me how wonderful my life must be because my instagram looks great. Do you see the irony? Just because I have eye pleasing instagram I logically have a wonderful life, right? And I do have an amazing life filled with love from my family and friends and I’m so grateful for it. I’m healthy, I have a job, I have a place to live in, I have food to eat, but on the other hand, my life’s not just coffee shops and travelling. I have to work 5-6 times a week just like others, I go to the gym because to sweat out all the cakes I then eat (not then, before.. guilty gym time, not cake reward), I have problems sleeping, I have lack of self-confidence, I lot of times feel lonely, but I don’t share my boring everyday life, I don’t share my downs and I don’t share I have hairy legs (why would I shave my legs if I wear leggins to the gym.. okay, I don’t shave them even if I wear shorts). So what if all the positive people I’m comparing myself to, are dealing with the same stuff, but they simply don’t share just like I don’t share my ordinary moments.

When I was in uni, I’ve learned that people seek for negativity in newspapers and news, but for some reason, that’s not what we do on social media. We want the nice shiny perfection that often put us down, because that’s exactly the perfection we want and don’t have.

I don’t know why I started writing this article.. probably the urge to write down whatever’s been happening in my brain or the second coffee of the day pushing on my bladder haha. Maybe instead of writing deep thoughts I should just run to the loo, but here I’m. Uncomfortably sitting thinking if I’m gonna pee myself with every single new word I write. Well.. that’s about it for today, because I’m affraid I might actually pee myself (how many times will I write ‘pee’) let me know what you think – about the article, not about my peeing.

Cornwall – St Ives


Time management is not getting better even after dropping out I must say. You’d think.. now I have all the free time in the world, I’ll start visiting all the cool places, take stunning photos and write about everything straight away and booom.. I’ll be famous, rich and attractive.. what does physical appearance have to do with any of that? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. But I needed to say that in case wish granting fairy was reading (I’m tired). Anyway, none of that is happening (yet) and I’m still the same procrastinating little ass who takes ages to write or edit photos.

It’s been a couple of weeks since my visit of St Ives in a lovely Cornwall. I just had to point out Cornwall’s lovely because it simply was. Me and Eliška (my friend/housemate/model/sunshine/annoying little creature) went there with one simple goal – to get out of the city, gain some energy and just switch off (sounds more like three goals to me).. completely. We decided to delete all our social media and simply breathe. Breathe the salty air, breathe the smell of freshly baked pasty, breathe.. the fish smell and seagulls poops. I like a good bit of realism so I added the sweet reality of a seaside city but don’t get me wrong. I didn’t mind at all.. and that comes from someone who’s allergic to fish.

Our trip started with a loong coach journey. In the end, 6 hours were actually not that bad in comparison with the fact that we had no idea how to get from Hayle to St Ives. Or I had an idea, but then I forgot to double check the bus times. Just a friendly tip, the buses going from Hayle to St Ives and back don’t run after certain time so I’d suggest double checking that before you book your tickets. Apparently they run longer in summer as they get more visitors, but not quite so in March. On the other hand, it gave us the opportunity to make new adventurous memories as we had to walk in a dark for around 30 minutes. The full journey would take around hour and 15 minutes, but luckily Eliška stopped us a car that got us just a minute away from our hotel. Bless the old couple for saving us.. not that we wouldn’t be able to walk for 45 more minutes, but the 6 hours in a bus got the best of us.

And because we were pretty dead, we called it a night just after we got to the hotel (and spent an hour convincing ourselves to get out of bed and get a shower). The next morning, we got up and started the day in a pretty royal way by having a massive continental breakfast. I don’t know what’s royal about it, but for someone born in republic it was quite something. After we stuffed ourselves with toasts, pastries, eggs, the list goes on, we went out to discover St Ives a bit. It may seem like a small but there’s like million streets to discover and just when you think you know them all, you get lost in a new one. Really stunning, really lovely and the people there seem to be really nice and warm.

After what seemed like hours of exploring, we headed out of the city and went to have a little walk around the coast. By a little walk I mean more of a 15 km hike (exaggerating is one of my favourite things, it wasn’t hiking at all okay), but it didn’t even feel like it as we stopped every 15 minutes to take photos and simply be in the moment. I can’t even find the words to describe how stunning the place was. Honestly, if you’re okay with not having everything perfectly planned, you don’t even have to look for specific places. Just walk around and you’ll see that everywhere you go, it’s beautiful.

At some point, the fullness from breakfast vanished and we had to head out back to the city to find something to eat. After watching 7 seasons of Bake off (in 3 months), I was pretty sure I had to try Cornish pasty, but since I gave up meat (not completely, if I feel like having a bit of meat, I’ll just have it.. just clarifying) I had to stick with veggie options, but that wasn’t really hard as the city was full of bakeries selling pasties with around more than 10 different types of fillings from the traditional filled with beef meat, potatoes, swede and onions to very untraditional flavours like rhubarb, apple and custard. I personally wanted to try the rhubarb-apple-custard one, because.. custard, but by the time we got there, there was not a single one left. That actually brings me to a question.. how bad is it to do sweet Cornish pasty. I personally hate when people ruin traditions and traditional dishes, but I also am willing to close my eyes if there’s custard involved. In the end I went for spinach and cheese and as a dessert I got apple and blueberry. Yes. Yes. Yes. That’s probably how I’d describe pasty 🙂

After couple more hours of exhausted lying in a bed, we decided it was time to go for a dinner. Now that’s when it gets tricky. If you’re in St Ives and you want to enjoy dinner without running around the city annoyed by hunger, DO MAKE A RESERVATION. Although it wasn’t summer, yet the city was full of people.. hungry clever people to be more specific. And the clever people made reservations so they went to a place, were seated, were fed and left happy. Us on the other hand.. not quite so. We were walking from place to place hoping for a free table. In the end we ended up in a lovely Italian restaurant, sitting on a bar, but having probably the most enjoyable dinner possible. Not that the food was a 5 star meal, but we were starving and we were entertained by an amazing bartender which made the whole experience a bit better.

The next day we just headed back to Bristol with a little stop in Plymouth, but that was a bit of a disappointment so I’m not gonna spoil this post with that. Let’s just say if Plymouth was on your bucket list.. don’t cross it out of the list, but just don’t have high expectations. And that’s it for today. I hope you liked this article and that it wasn’t as disappointing as my visit of Plymouth (oh stop with the Plymouth hate already!)

Let’s drop out together!


Hello, hello, hello. Sometimes I have the urge to use greeting 3x times (meaning too many times) in a row for no reason at all. It doesn’t even sound better, it sounds like I’m some kind of creepy stalker waiting for you in a corner of a very dark room.. anyway. I’m here with (at least that’s what I think it is) a very useful article (yay, doing my job right for once.. and calling blogging my job for no reason at all). I’m not here to convince you that dropping out from university is all fun, unicorns and rainbows, because that’s definitely not what it is. I’m here to describe all the feelings and staff you might be facing after the decision.

I didn’t really specify, but I’m sure you managed to figure out yourself.. I’ve decided to withdraw from university. I was thinking about doing it for let’s say 5 long months and couple weeks ago, I finally made the final decision. It took a lot courage to realize university was just not for me especially when I was (and still am) surrounded by uni students everywhere I went. They’re living with me, they’re working with me, they’re customers in the place I work in, they’re my friends, (they’re my enemies),.. you get the point, they’re EVERYWHERE.

In October, I started feeling a bit depressed and lost. I don’t like using the word ‘depressed’ because I know that depression is something that should be taken seriously and is way way way worse than what I was dealing with but I just can’t think of any other word to describe what I was going through. I didn’t know if it was just all the stress from assignments or a signal I should finally find my balls and drop out. I decided to believe it was just the stress and kept working on all the assignments that were making me more and more miserable.

I was talking to my friends; my family and they were all very supportive telling me they were proud of me for studying in the UK and doing so well. And they were right, my marks were good so it actually didn’t look that I was struggling as much as I was. All of that was really helpful and unhelpful at the same time. I felt like dropping out would disappoint not only them, but mainly me.

So I kept going. And it just got to the point where I was having panic attacks on daily basis and felt even more lost than before. I was skipping lectures, I was procrastinating, I was asking people for advices, I was doing researches and considering my options and then one day I just did it. Well technically I still am a student, because I’m officially dropping out on the 5th April, because that’s the latest I can do it in order to avoid paying council taxes for as long as possible, but I’m not attending lectures anymore and I’m not working on assignments. I didn’t give up, I just decided to put myself and mainly my mental health first and it feels damn good!

Now let’s talk about all the observations. In the begining I felt like the happiest human being. I was smiling and people were noticing I was happier than been. By that I mean they were a bit scared, because who knows what’s happy Lea capable of.. she hadn’t been around for a while. I liked the new start and all the options it gave me. I started accepting more shifts in order to be able to make more money and you know.. fill the free time I got by not having lectures every day.

But you all know nothing lasts forever so it’s not a surprise that all the excitement vanished after a while. Not completely, but it did. As I said, I was trying to fill all the free time with all different activities like working, photography, writing, working out in gym, yoga and others. But it wasn’t enough. Or it felt like I wasn’t doing enough. I’d dropped out for a reason after all and there I was not moving anywhere and being the same lame person I’d been before. Every time someone asked me what I was doing with all the free time I was ashamed for not having anything exciting to say. And you know what? That was stupid! Dropping out requires a lot of strenght and energy and you simply need some time to let that soak in without feeling bad for taking some time off, for spending all of your day off in bed watching Harry Potter, for not changing into this super human being you think you shoud change into. Allow yourself some rest (feels like I’m talking to myself right now) because if you won’t you will crash.

Apart from dealing with my own messed up and confused mind there was another thing I had to face. People. And mainly questions. If I got £1 from every person asking me ‘so what’s your plan after dropping out’ I wouldn’t even need a plan, because let’s face it, I’d be pretty rich. I know it’s a natural thing to do and I don’t blame people for being interested, but it can get annoying especially when you have NO CLUE WHAT TO DO WITH YOUR LIFE. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve done my research I made sure I knew what I was doing, but that doesn’t mean I have a clear plan for future. Apart from finally doing things I enjoy like travelling and photography and for now that’s enough.

Apart from all the emotional instability there’s something I’m sure everyone will face after dropping out. Taxes and full prices. The reality of not being a student. I know some people who are studying just for the sake of not paying council taxes, but they’re mainly my friends from back home where studying is free so I would not recommend that if you’re studying somewhere where education is not free of charge. Not gonna lie, that’s one of the things I’m gonna miss the most. The other one is being educated, but always keep in mind that there are options of learning without being an university student. There are workshops, 10 week courses, online education. Just start a new hobby or go back to the hobby you never had time for. Trust me, you’ll need something to do.

You may also feel you don’t belong anywhere. I did for a moment. Your friends will be talking about assignments and.. well after you laugh at them for having so much work since that’s not your problem anymore.. you may feel like you kind of miss the stress that was connecting you. But don’t fool yourself. You don’t miss the stress. You miss bi*ching about lecturers and the amount of work you need to do, but that’s easily replaceable. There’s always staff to complain about, don’t worry 🙂

And that’s all I wanted to share today. I’m sure my mood will change around million times and I’m sure I will have plenty more to write about so there might be another ‘drop out update’ in future. I do know that we’re all different and what I’m facing can differ from what other people were facing after dropping out, but it’s always good to know what you may have to deal with. But for me, even with all the mood changes and doubts, it was a good decision and I don’t regret making it.



How does it feel to be.. ME


Hey! What a lovely day in Bristol it is.. I finally started building very nice and loving relationship with warm weather and once again, it’s meant to be getting colder again tomorrow.. why do I feel like that summarizes all my previous relationships haha (that’s a desperate laugh btw)? Anyway, I was thinking (wow) and I must admit there’s probably not much you know about me. By now you’ve probably discovered my weird or probably non existing sense of humor; my twisted (bipolar) introvert personality; and my obsession with food, coffee and photography. Looking at it now, you more or less know everything about me, but I thought, in order to build some kind of closer relationship with you, I might just add a bit more about my weirdness and maybe, who knows, someone will even relate. If so.. I love you already my twisted friend.

No-decision rule  

Let’s start with probably the most significant thing about me. I. HATE. DECISIONS! I hate making decisions so much I rather have half of my hair blonde and the other one black just to avoid deciding between those two colors. And now I’m not talking just about the major decisions like ‘Do I want to move to Enlgand?’ but also about decisions like ‘Where do you want to go for dinner?’ or ‘What drink do you want to order?’ As long as I have more than one option I feel really uncomfortable. Why is that you’re probably not asking.. Until a couple months ago, I’d say I didn’t have a clue, but recently I discovered the real reason behind it. I always make the wrong decision and I’m not just being dramatic. I made a decision to move to England and broke my mum’s heart. I told my mum to get a divorce and broke my dad’s heart. I decided to go to university and made myself very unhappy by doing that. I always went out with assholes who were treating me like a sure thing instead of going out with nice guys.. but that’s just because I’m a girl and that’s what we do haha. So now, when I’m making any decision I just worry I’m going to make me or someone else unhappy or that I’m going to be judged for the decision. And that is stupid thing to do and I know it yet here I’m being scared of every single path I decide to take in future.


Alright.. I wasn’t sure how to call this without using the word ‘bipolar’ but that just describes it perfectly. I know this is something very common and it’s not necessarily a disease, but basically I’m two different people in one body. I hate when all the attention is focused on me but if I’m not in a centre of attention I hate it too. I don’t like seeing someone too often but sometimes I want to spend every single day with that person and feel hurt when they don’t feel the same way. I walk around telling people I couldn’t care less about my appearance while I’m.. basically caring a bit too much sometimes. There are days when I love myself and every floss I have and days I hate every bit about myself. I’m quiet and too talkative at the same time. I’m the master of motivational speeches, but yet I can’t motivate myself.


This is another reason why I don’t like making decisions.. I change my mind all the fu*king time. I’d be walking around telling you how much I hate sweet popcorn and week after I’d be buying 2 packs of sweet and salty popcorn a day – true story. I used to hate sweet popcorn so so so so so much (especially when it’s toxic colors) but then my friend introduced me to the combination of sweet and salty popcorn and I fell for it. Honestly, it’s so good I might just die. I could be telling you more examples about how quickly I change my mind, but you probably get the idea and also.. I believe you’re getting ready to go to a shop to buy some sweet and salty popcorn and.. go ahead my friend.

Brave coward

I kind of fell in love with the word ‘coward’ while watching ‘Once upon a time’ (all 7 seasons.. I’m very busy ( – : ) and since then I’ve been using it quite a lot. Any OUAT fans? I doubt anyone’s using OUAT, but I couldn’t be bothered writing the full name again and again haha. I’m the kind of person scared of every single (thing) change, but also the kind of person doing crazy things like traveling alone during night, moving to a different country, getting tattoo at the age of 15 and so on. Something tells me I like the feeling of not being able to breathe from being unbelievably nervous. It’s probably some kind of weird self harm I like to torture myself with. But I do it all the time. I get excited about something and then the closer it gets the closer I’m to committing a suicide.


I decided to call this quality ‘jumper’ because I can’t think of anything else that would describe it better. Now I don’t mean the clothing item, but someone who always jumps too quickly without considering all pros and cons. I always get excited about something and then I have to do it or buy it at the exact same minute without thinking twice. If I don’t.. you guessed it, I become very annoying human being. The result is usually me getting burnt, because I misread something or I just change my mind about it the next day, but that never stops me from doing stupid things, does it.

Okay friends, I can’t think of anything else right now. I’m a bit distracted by the amount of crumbs around me. It looks like a child was enjoying a really flaky pastry on the table where I’m sitting, but sadly the child was me. Tell me is there any way to eat pain au chocolate without making a total mess? I was even using a knife and yet I have crumbs in my hair, on and in my back, on the table next to me.. anyway. That’s all for today’s article. I hope you enjoyed this little description of me and I shall see you next time hopefully with more useful article.

Tradewind Espresso (Bristol)

Photography, What&Where

Whenever someone asks me what kind of journalism I’d like to do after I finish studies (as if haha) all I tell them.. well, after I finish my long speech about the fact that I still don’t get why I’m studying journalism as my biggest dream is to open my own coffee shop.. is that I think the journalism I see myself doing would probably include travelling and reviewing food and coffee places. And there was a time in my life when I was kind of doing it. On the old website, but that feels like ages ago. So I told myself it’s time to change it and do the second first step. Start writing reviews again. I don’t want to call them reviews though.. I never liked that name. Let’s look at it as a weird form of diary. Just me telling you about my lovely or not so lovely time in certain places.. why does ‘certain places’ sound really dodgy?

The first place I want to talk about is Tradewind Espresso, a tiny coffee shop in Bristol. I’ve tried going there 3 times. The first time I went, they were closed, because it was just after New Year’s and they were still (recovering) having a holiday. The second time, they were full and there was no space to sit anywhere. That just made me more determined to actually go and luckily the third time I went, they were almost empty as it was really sunny outside and people were either enjoying the rare moment of sunshine or demanding climate justice in College Green, again in the rare sunshine.

Although I would rather sit outside with a pint of cider enjoying the (many times mentioned) sunshine, I had some uni-work to do so I decided to combine not so pleasant duty with very pleasant cup of coffee and banana bread. Honestly, I have no idea why I went for banana bread as I’m not the biggest fan of banana breads, but I it was really good. Thinking of it now, it was definitely the espresso butter that spoke to me. I probably though that the filter I was having wouldn’t give me enough caffeine. After all, it’s not like filter coffee is one of the strongest coffee you can have right ( – :

It’s been a long time since I enjoyed a good cup of filter coffee. I remember times when I didn’t drink anything, but filter coffee and now I’m more of an oat flat white kind of girl. I think the existential crisis is just doing its job in all aspects of my life haha.  Anyway, I’m no expert so I can’t tell you if I could taste all the red apple and fudge brownie flavours in their Colombian filter from Roasted Rituals, but I definitely enjoyed every single drop of it.

Now let’s talk about the interior. Despite the fact I don’t like light or medium light wood tables and furniture in general.. no, despite the fact there’s probably no such thing as ‘medium light wood’ and yet I decided to use that name on a website, I loved it. It reminded me of my favourite coffee shop back in the city I lived before I moved to Bristol (CØKAFE in Ostrava just in case someone’s planning a trip to Ostrava.. just a question? Why would you?). The place has this Scandinavian vibe – enough daylight, enough light in general thanks to around 89 lights, not too big, but not claustrophobically small, plants on tables and shelves, but not like a botanical garden. Yes, yes, yes.

And it’s time to go through some much needed facts:

  • Tradewind Espresso is on Whiteladies Rd so not too far from the centre, but still far enough to escape the rush of the city.
  • Coffee beans they’re using for espresso as well as for V60 filter are roasted by Roasted Rituals Coffee – Bristolian Speciality Coffee Roasters.
  • The filter I had was ‘Colombia El Meridiano‘ (washed) – Red Apple & Fudge Brownie
  • They’re open every day (Monday-Friday: 8-17, Saturday: 9-17, Sunday: 9-16).
  • Their menu includes some vegetarian and vegan options including homemade almond milk for coffees (the menu on their website seems to be out of date as there are some of the meals missing).

So that was something from me and now I think I’ll just let the pictures do the rest. Let me know what you think about the whole idea of reviews and also let me know how’s your day been. I’m dying to know! Honestly. I’ll see you soon x