Colours of Ostrava 2019

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I came to a conclusion I need to travel more. Not because I love it and it makes me incredibly happy but mainly because airport is probably the only place where I finally stop being the lazy ass I’m and manage to write new articles (more than one? sure Lea). So I’m siting in Pret at Stansted Airport with 4 spare hours (that’s no surprise anymore) ready to give you a report from festival Colours of Ostrava. I’m not sure what I’m going for.. if I’m giving you a review or simply just describing how much fun I had this year. But before I get into it can I just say how much I hate myself for not seeing Amber Run when I had the chance? Stupid, stupid, stupid. And now that’s off my chest I can finally get to the article.

Colours of Ostrava, festival that changes normally quiet city (notice how much I’m trying not to use words like ‘boring’) of Ostrava into a centre of music and entertainment. The first one happened long 17 years ago and since then it changed it’s location into stunning industrial part of the city – Dolní Vítkovice and grew into probably one of the most popular festivals in Central Europe (assumptions.. sorry not sorry). This year was my sixth year and over the period of 5 years I watched myself and the festival grow (both in size). There were years with amazing line up and years when I though “Is it worth going?” At the end of the day the music, atmosphere, time spend with my best friend, dust all over my shoes, stories to tell.. it all is worth it, but the more and more expensive tickets are not making the deciding easy. And the price is not always a promise of a great line up (but that’s individual).

This year the big buzz was around English rock band ‘The Cure’. Their fans were buying tickets like crazy, people who had no idea who ‘The Cure’ were, all charged their phones to be ready to record the one song they knew from radio. And what was I doing? I was sitting on a grass, forcing myself to stay awake because three days in a row at festival is just a bit too much for my baby sleeping schedule. And I was really trying but at some point I just gave up – meaning I went away, not fell asleep. All the songs just sounded the same and with the band not saying anything the songs just blended into one very long one. I believe the true fans had the best time of their lives but for me it was just not there.

What on the other hand was there for me were performances of MØ and Florence and The Machine. Both out of this world, full of energy, giving people everything they had and more. I still can’t get over how deep Florence’s voice is when she sings and how she sounds when she talks.. it sounded like she was about to cry with every other sentence which might have been the truth as most of her songs are full of very deep emotions. Very surprising was concert of Rag’n’Bone Man, I’ve never seen someone so humble as he was and let’s face it, if I had his voice the last thing I would be is humble. Speaking of voices, Lola Marsh and her “I smoke couple of cigarettes a day” made me fall in love with her and her lovely songs. I couldn’t find better word to describe it than lovely because that’s what they were, songs that give you that constant smile.

And I fell in love more than once. Olly Alexander from Years & Years had this something that made me want to hug him every single time he smiled. It’s not really music I’d listen to on daily basis, but because I knew most of the songs from my gym playlist (what a surprise I still remember what songs I have on that playlist since it’s been weeks since I went to the gym) I gave it a try and I had no regrets at all. So much fun, so much energy and so much confusion how someone can be as sexy as he was when I look like a potato no matter what I do.

I still can’t believe how quickly the festival went and that’s how quickly my time on airport went as well so I better finish it. Overall I had a great time and that’s mostly thanks to my great company of my best friend and her friend from Poland. You wouldn’t believe how much fun can 3 people have faking Scottish and English accents. Spoiler alert – too much fun. So I’d like to thank them for that! And thank you for reading this article and by that giving me reason to write a bit more.


Kavárna co hledá jméno (Prague)

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It’s been a while since I actually sat down and felt like writing but now I’m here, month later, month older, maybe a bit different (probably the same to be honest) and what is exciting – ready to move from the house I’m living in and move to the centre and never use public transport!!! One thing is for sure – it still takes me bloody ages to write or start writing an article. Although I said it’s totally okay not to feel great all the time and that we should be sharing those not so great moments online (in order to stop people from thinking our lives are perfect and that’s how their lives should look like as well) there’s a thin line between sharing that I’m sad or stressed and turning this website into a depressive diary and a place full of negativity which is something I really don’t want to happen.

So today, I was sent home because I felt like passing out but thanks to that I had a nice 4 hours long nap, got up much better and now I finally feel like writing. Well.. I also feel very antisocial and don’t feel like leaving my room for a bit so I might actually make the most out of it and just start this article.

As I mentioned in the article from La Boheme Cafe, during my last visit of Prague, I made my goal to visit as many coffee shops as possible (rip my wallet) and I did a pretty good job I think (am I really proud of spending most of my visit over-caffeinating myself and staying indoors?). One of the places I managed to visit was a coffee shop with quite interesting name. If I had to translate it to English it would probably be “Cafe Looking For a Name” which from what I’ve heard confused people a bit and some would be coming up with names for the cafe without realising they’re actually not looking for any name. It’s kind of cool.. the lazy kind of cool when you’re trying to come up with a name for your dog and you end up naming it Dog.

The story of this cafe starts with group of 6 people, one abandoned joinery and a plan to give this area of Prague (Smichov) something it’s been missing for a long time – a place with speciality coffee, delicious food and an amazing interior where people would be coming back to enjoy all those things and more. Apart from the cafe there’s also a gallery and apparently a multifunctional room for.. well whatever you reserve it for. The interior itself has some bits left from what was there before they decided to change it into what now is probably the most popular brunch place in Prague. And that’s what makes it so cool.

From what I remember, in 2o17 the cafe had to close their doors to public due to legal circumstances and that’s how it stayed for a bit. Luckily, they re-opened again in 2o18 and that meant that I could finally took my lazy ass there and enjoy their famous Eggs Benedict Soufflé which is probably what makes the place stand out from the others. It’s something new and we all want to know the secret to those fluffy eggs. Well..  spoiler alert, there’s actually a video on youtube revealing the mystery, but that doesn’t change the fact I keep dreaming of those eggs (is it just me or dreaming of eggs sounds like it could have two meanings..). Unfortunately I don’t have any photos of those but if you browse through their instagram I’m sure you’ll find them on every other photo.

The photos you can see today are from my recent visit of this place with my best friend. Because it was quite a hot day we started the morning with some espresso tonic which is always a good idea no matter the weather. I honestly can’t get enough of their coffee as their using beans from one of my favourite Czech roasters ‘Nordbeans’ from Liberec. I always get the coffee when I’m on festival there so it’s basically like having a piece of the festival in my cup.. which thinking of it now sounds a bit gross.

I know it’s hard to believe but it just wasn’t the day for Eggs Benedict so instead I went for something called “trhanec” which means something that’s been torn apart and I don’t want to assume why it’s called like that so I’m just gonna say it’s something like a take on French toast with a lot of custard and fruit but not really a French toast.. I’m getting lost here. It was delicious okay? My friend went for avocado toast with salmon and apparently it was good as well but I couldn’t try it as I.. how many time will I mention my fish allergy? The staff was super lovely and although they were quite busy they remained efficient, quick and still smiley so big up to that! I honestly can’t wait to go back and get those eggs.


It’s fine not to feel fine..


.. at least not all the time. I’m sat in a bus on my way to London thinking about my yesterday’s conversation with my friend Louison. Every time we meet we end up having these weirdly deep conversations about life balanced by odd stuff we do together like making lists of weird compliments people don’t say or different ways to grate carrots. You know.. we can’t be all Yoda all the time. But that’s obviously not what I wanted to talk about today.. although, have you ever complimented anyone’s elbows or their livers?

Anyway, the conversation we had was about the pressure society’s putting on us. We live in era full of inspiring people, people who’re changing the world, inventing stuff, helping other people in need – basically world changers. Which is inspiring and oh my god I’m thankful for all those people however it can put one (me) down.

One of my greatest weaknesses is that I feel like nothing’s ever enough. I’m never happy enough, never good enough and all I do is.. you’ve guessed it, not enough. I could be doing more, I could be getting up earlier, working out harder, working more shifts, taking better photography, have better English, be more talkative, more brave, more like others – I should be changing the world. And every time I feel sad I feel guilty for being sad which doesn’t even make sense. I’m always thinking about how there are people whose lives are much worse and that in comparison with them I should be more than grateful for all the things I have which I am but..

Recently someone told me something quite wise (in case he’s reading.. don’t get too cocky just because I said you’re wise okay?). There will always be someone who’s going through something worse than we are. There’s always someone who’s life is more miserable, someone who’s dealing with way more serious stuff than we are or perhaps someone who’s dying just as we speak (technically I write you read, but you get the point). But that shouldn’t stop us from feeling sad about our own problems or feeling hurt. And the same goes for feeling like you’re not doing enough. There will always be someone better than you (..even if you’re the best – anyone knows Losers by The Belle Brigade ?) but that doesn’t mean you’re not good enough. That’s just the way life works, there’s always someone else we can compare ourselves to, but that doesn’t mean we should be doing it all the time.

And that’s why I’ve been crying so much recently. I still don’t get why I feel like crying all the time but because I’m trying to be less hard on myself I’m allowing myself a good cry every time I need it. And you know what? It feels bloody amazing. I know it may sound weird but there’s nothing better than crying yourself to sleep and then getting up the next morning feeling 5 pounds lighter and feeling like you’re not starting your day with all your emotions boxed inside you waiting to explode. And you know what? (I’m aware I use ‘and you know what?’ a lot) Everyone cries. People just don’t share it. Just as they don’t share when they don’t look or feel their best.

And by saying that I should probably finish this article. I know even I’m guilty of sharing just the shiny moments of my life and keeping the downs for myself but that’s something I want to change. So the next time someone asks me how I am I’m just gonna tell him the honest answer rather than the expected “I’m fine”. It’s a small step but it still is a step. I do have a lot to learn. I need to learn how to be less hard on myself. Work hard but allow myself a break. Be inspired rather than putting myself down for not being as good as someone. And maybe every now and then share a bit more of what’s actually going on in my head – no matter how weird it is haha. I feel like I’m pretty good in writing it all here but I should probably step out of my comfort zone and do that in real life.. good luck to me.




La Boheme Cafe (Prague)

Photography, What&Where

It feels like it’s been ages since my last article and yet if was just a week ago. I think after my 5 days long stay in Prague I can confidently say I have the best tutorial on how to get broke in 5 days. Prague is full of amazing coffee shops, restaurants, bistros etc and with every single visit the number of them grows (mainly in the area in which my dad lives.. thanks dad for living in such hipster quarter, who needs money anyway). The older I get, the less I visit the lovely city of my birth so I knew I had to make the best out of my last visit meaning I visited around 9 coffee shops in 4 days. So now I have no money, weight approximately 150 kg and I am addicted to caffeine but I have tons of photos and tons of material to write about (it’s important to get your priorities in the right order). Consider me your little Prague Coffee Guide. I know it’s not even close to originality, but whatever. There’s never enough reviews, am I right? (no you’re not and out of all the people you – someone who works in hospitality – should know how annoying and stressful some reviews can be)

Let’s start the whole Coffee Guide thing with my favourite coffee shop (so far) – La Boheme Cafe. Hidden in Vinohrady area on the Sazavska Street close to the city centre yet not too busy or too over-crowded. You kind of forget how close you actually are to the centre as the area itself can be quite quiet. I remember visiting this place more than a year ago after a recommendation from my hipster coffee loving friend and falling deeply in love with every single thing about it. And nothing has changed ever since. From the wide space filled with books, coffee stuff (very professional Lea, calling coffee equipment ‘staff’.. no wonder you don’t call yourself barista), plants, butterflies (fake.. not living insects, but imagine how cool would that be) to the actual coffee. Not speaking of the staff who were always super friendly and super nice which was a nice change after not so pleasant coffee shop I’d visited before I went to La Boheme. It’s funny how people can affect your whole experience and sometimes make you leave earlier or in that case stay for longer than you intended. Sometimes I wonder if I or my colleagues have the same affect on our customers.

The coffee they’re using is their own brand (surprisingly called La Boheme Cafe) leaded by Charles Fleer, roasted in the Old Town and well.. made with love. From what I get from their website, everything is on a basis of direct trade rather than fair trade (direct trade is actually better and for me makes a bit more sense than fair trade but that’s only my opinion) and all the coffees can be purchased either in the coffee shop or on their website. The range of different filter and espresso beans was massive especially for someone who’s as indecisive as I’m. At least I had reason to come back again.. and again.

It’s not necessarily a place for a weekend brunch (as they don’t do the fancy stuff like pancakes..) but with their selection of cakes and pastries you won’t starve either. Me and my dad had to try their carrot cake as I’m quite a carrot cake expert (not that I can bake a good cake, I’ve just had around million different carrot cakes in million different places so I call myself an expert) and I didn’t give my dad any other option. I wouldn’t say it was the best carrot cake ever (although the label literally said ‘The World’s Best Carrot Cake’) mainly because it contained raisins but it was probably the best raisin containing carrot cake in Prague.. which doesn’t tell you anything – good job Lea.

What I would also like to point out is the music. During my first coffee session – Queen and during the second one – Alt-J. Yes. Thank you. THANK YOU. Right up my alley. I know it might not be really important to everyone but for me.. let’s just say it made me really happy and that gave this place some extra points.

You know what I just realized? I never know how to end an article. It’s like when you’re with someone and you say goodbye to each other and then you both go towards the same direction so it gets a bit awkward. That’s how this feels. So I might just say.. if you ever find yourself in Prague, visit La Boheme Cafe. It’s not a place where dreams are made but it’s a definitely place where one feels welcomed and.. caffeinated.





Hart’s Bakery (Bristol)

Photography, What&Where

You know all the memes, videos and jokes about parents and how annoyingly early they want you to get to the airport before your plane’s meant to take off? Well.. I’m the parent and I’m ridiculously early. But since I have spare two or three hours I thought I might just be productive for once and finally finish article I’ve been writing for couple of weeks now. Hart’s Bakery (instagram) is located right next to Bristol’s largest train station – Temple Meads. If you want to double check if it actually is the largest train station, don’t even bother.. I didn’t check and I don’t want things to get awkward.. thanks. Anyway, we’re here to talk about pastries and coffee, not about my really bad ‘I don’t have to double check any information before I publish it online’ kind of attitude.

Hart’s Bakery has been on my list for quite a while – for more than a year to be more precise and the only reason I have never made it there was simply the location. Amazing for people travelling from Temple Meads, amazing for people working in surrounding buildings, amazing for people living near the centre of Bristol, incredibly inconvenient for me – someone living in Fishponds and then Filton. Both starting with the letter F and both freaking far friends.

But one day I felt like going somewhere new and mainly somewhere far (sounds more like if I was planning trip to Bali like every other influencer – not that I am one) so the Hart’s was just the perfect place. As someone who likes working in coffee places mainly for the rush and hustle that’s going on in there, it was just the perfect spot. I don’t know if it was just because it was Friday, but most of the time I spent there, the place was packed. Never-ending queue, no empty chairs, people buying bread, people buying cakes, Friday’s special, coffee.. I loved it. But I understand it’s not for everyone, so if you’re looking for a quiet place to study, maybe consider a different location.

I ended up staying there for around 4 hours as I needed to work on an article and really really didn’t want to be anywhere near my house (long and boring story for next time). From what I observed, it’s not really a place where one would spend more than an hour. People meet other people to have a quick catch up, travellers enjoy a warm cup of coffee and freshly baked pastries before they head somewhere else and working people just grab their lunch and go back to their offices. Every now and then, there’s probably one weirdo, taking pictures of everything, “observing” and pretending to be a blogger. The person’s probably a bit cold, because it’s quite open space and as they’re baking all day the door’s always opened meaning it can get a bit chilly in there. On the other hand, I can’t imagine how hot it would get inside, if the door was actually closed. Maybe I would make it to Bali in the end.

Now let’s talk about the food and drinks. If you think that bakery next to train station must definitely serve disgusting coffee, you’re wrong. The coffee’s actually good. Coffee Beans they’re using are supplied by Extract Coffee Roasters (roasted in Bristol) and.. and.. and.. they do have Oatly (they also have soy, but who cares about that). Just thought I might just put it out there. And now to the food. The first time I went there I was too late for morning pastries as they sell out quite quick, so I went for a veggie pasty filled with cauliflower instead and I must say I really enjoyed it. Watch me.. went to Cornwall once and now I’m an expert on pasties (she says and still doesn’t know how to correctly pronounce pasty, whatever). I also had a chance to try one of the cookies as my friend happened to be buying coffee for his train journey there and the moment he saw my desperate face, he probably though I could’ve done with a cookie. He wasn’t wrong. Bless him. Not that the information is any relevant for this article, but I found it cute so..

But because I was really gutted I didn’t have a chance to try their cinnamon buns, I had to come back.. way to many times. I was lucky enough to be working couple of morning shifts (lucky? since when is getting up at 5 a blessing?!) just near the bakery so I thought why not kill two birds with one stone and got myself a cheeky breakfast before the start of my shift. Let me just say that their cinnamon buns are the best cinnamon pastry I’ve ever had. So flaky, so full of flavour, so good. Definitely worth the way.

I also managed to visit their Spring Market where I not only bought myself a new plant #crazyplantlady but also their Super Seed bread, because is there anything better than a bread with butter and salt? No, there is not.. apart from the cinnamon buns. This is how I imagined what adulthood would be like. Just going to markets, bakeries, buying fresh veg and bread, having loads of plants.. just forgot you need money for all that, well.. never mind, at least every now and then haha.

Anyway, I have a flight to catch.. only joking, I still have one hour to kill. But I need to end this article anyway as I’m getting hungry and I’m not willing to spend more money on the airport. Have a lovely day!

Over thinking


It’s been a while since I wrote any kind of article. I don’t know why, but every time I start writing, I feel like I have nothing to write about, close my laptop and watch another episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine (moment of honesty – I had to double check how to spell Brooklyn). Any 99 fans? (I hope 99 is not some weird sexual fetish).

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been dealing with some personal stuff that were quite serious, but the more I was explaining what was happening to others, the more ridiculous I felt. Do you know the feeling when you’re down because of something that feels like a disaster and probably is a disaster, but as soon as you start talking about it with someone even your closest friend, you feel like you’re acting like a baby? Every. Single. Time.

I know that a lot of times, I actually am acting like five years old, but this time, I knew the situation was serious, but yet I was still convincing myself I was over reacting. Isn’t that ridiculous? Every time when I feel down I think, there are people who’re going through much worse stuff so I should stop feeling down, but we all have every right feel sad even if the reason seems stupid in comparison with whatever’s going on in lives of others. We, for once, should stop comparing our problems to problems of other people. Yes, there are worse things happening, yes, we should be positive and enjoy our lives as much as we can, but at the same time, we should stop being mad at ourselves for being sad or vulnerable every now and then.

Every time I had conversation with someone about people with mental health problems or victims of domestic violence, all I was asking was “why don’t they seek help?” Thinking of it now, maybe it’s just because in their heads, they’re thinking that in comparison with other people, they’re actually fine, they’re just being childish, and they’re just over reacting. So when do we know the line’s been crossed and we should start talking about our problems?

I often get people telling me how wonderful my life must be because my instagram looks great. Do you see the irony? Just because I have eye pleasing instagram I logically have a wonderful life, right? And I do have an amazing life filled with love from my family and friends and I’m so grateful for it. I’m healthy, I have a job, I have a place to live in, I have food to eat, but on the other hand, my life’s not just coffee shops and travelling. I have to work 5-6 times a week just like others, I go to the gym because to sweat out all the cakes I then eat (not then, before.. guilty gym time, not cake reward), I have problems sleeping, I have lack of self-confidence, I lot of times feel lonely, but I don’t share my boring everyday life, I don’t share my downs and I don’t share I have hairy legs (why would I shave my legs if I wear leggins to the gym.. okay, I don’t shave them even if I wear shorts). So what if all the positive people I’m comparing myself to, are dealing with the same stuff, but they simply don’t share just like I don’t share my ordinary moments.

When I was in uni, I’ve learned that people seek for negativity in newspapers and news, but for some reason, that’s not what we do on social media. We want the nice shiny perfection that often put us down, because that’s exactly the perfection we want and don’t have.

I don’t know why I started writing this article.. probably the urge to write down whatever’s been happening in my brain or the second coffee of the day pushing on my bladder haha. Maybe instead of writing deep thoughts I should just run to the loo, but here I’m. Uncomfortably sitting thinking if I’m gonna pee myself with every single new word I write. Well.. that’s about it for today, because I’m affraid I might actually pee myself (how many times will I write ‘pee’) let me know what you think – about the article, not about my peeing.

Cornwall – St Ives


Time management is not getting better even after dropping out I must say. You’d think.. now I have all the free time in the world, I’ll start visiting all the cool places, take stunning photos and write about everything straight away and booom.. I’ll be famous, rich and attractive.. what does physical appearance have to do with any of that? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. But I needed to say that in case wish granting fairy was reading (I’m tired). Anyway, none of that is happening (yet) and I’m still the same procrastinating little ass who takes ages to write or edit photos.

It’s been a couple of weeks since my visit of St Ives in a lovely Cornwall. I just had to point out Cornwall’s lovely because it simply was. Me and Eliška (my friend/housemate/model/sunshine/annoying little creature) went there with one simple goal – to get out of the city, gain some energy and just switch off (sounds more like three goals to me).. completely. We decided to delete all our social media and simply breathe. Breathe the salty air, breathe the smell of freshly baked pasty, breathe.. the fish smell and seagulls poops. I like a good bit of realism so I added the sweet reality of a seaside city but don’t get me wrong. I didn’t mind at all.. and that comes from someone who’s allergic to fish.

Our trip started with a loong coach journey. In the end, 6 hours were actually not that bad in comparison with the fact that we had no idea how to get from Hayle to St Ives. Or I had an idea, but then I forgot to double check the bus times. Just a friendly tip, the buses going from Hayle to St Ives and back don’t run after certain time so I’d suggest double checking that before you book your tickets. Apparently they run longer in summer as they get more visitors, but not quite so in March. On the other hand, it gave us the opportunity to make new adventurous memories as we had to walk in a dark for around 30 minutes. The full journey would take around hour and 15 minutes, but luckily Eliška stopped us a car that got us just a minute away from our hotel. Bless the old couple for saving us.. not that we wouldn’t be able to walk for 45 more minutes, but the 6 hours in a bus got the best of us.

And because we were pretty dead, we called it a night just after we got to the hotel (and spent an hour convincing ourselves to get out of bed and get a shower). The next morning, we got up and started the day in a pretty royal way by having a massive continental breakfast. I don’t know what’s royal about it, but for someone born in republic it was quite something. After we stuffed ourselves with toasts, pastries, eggs, the list goes on, we went out to discover St Ives a bit. It may seem like a small but there’s like million streets to discover and just when you think you know them all, you get lost in a new one. Really stunning, really lovely and the people there seem to be really nice and warm.

After what seemed like hours of exploring, we headed out of the city and went to have a little walk around the coast. By a little walk I mean more of a 15 km hike (exaggerating is one of my favourite things, it wasn’t hiking at all okay), but it didn’t even feel like it as we stopped every 15 minutes to take photos and simply be in the moment. I can’t even find the words to describe how stunning the place was. Honestly, if you’re okay with not having everything perfectly planned, you don’t even have to look for specific places. Just walk around and you’ll see that everywhere you go, it’s beautiful.

At some point, the fullness from breakfast vanished and we had to head out back to the city to find something to eat. After watching 7 seasons of Bake off (in 3 months), I was pretty sure I had to try Cornish pasty, but since I gave up meat (not completely, if I feel like having a bit of meat, I’ll just have it.. just clarifying) I had to stick with veggie options, but that wasn’t really hard as the city was full of bakeries selling pasties with around more than 10 different types of fillings from the traditional filled with beef meat, potatoes, swede and onions to very untraditional flavours like rhubarb, apple and custard. I personally wanted to try the rhubarb-apple-custard one, because.. custard, but by the time we got there, there was not a single one left. That actually brings me to a question.. how bad is it to do sweet Cornish pasty. I personally hate when people ruin traditions and traditional dishes, but I also am willing to close my eyes if there’s custard involved. In the end I went for spinach and cheese and as a dessert I got apple and blueberry. Yes. Yes. Yes. That’s probably how I’d describe pasty 🙂

After couple more hours of exhausted lying in a bed, we decided it was time to go for a dinner. Now that’s when it gets tricky. If you’re in St Ives and you want to enjoy dinner without running around the city annoyed by hunger, DO MAKE A RESERVATION. Although it wasn’t summer, yet the city was full of people.. hungry clever people to be more specific. And the clever people made reservations so they went to a place, were seated, were fed and left happy. Us on the other hand.. not quite so. We were walking from place to place hoping for a free table. In the end we ended up in a lovely Italian restaurant, sitting on a bar, but having probably the most enjoyable dinner possible. Not that the food was a 5 star meal, but we were starving and we were entertained by an amazing bartender which made the whole experience a bit better.

The next day we just headed back to Bristol with a little stop in Plymouth, but that was a bit of a disappointment so I’m not gonna spoil this post with that. Let’s just say if Plymouth was on your bucket list.. don’t cross it out of the list, but just don’t have high expectations. And that’s it for today. I hope you liked this article and that it wasn’t as disappointing as my visit of Plymouth (oh stop with the Plymouth hate already!)